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The connection between Vampire and Werewolf should be obvious. Both share a number of traits and in popular belief it is sometimes hard to make a clear distinction between the two of them. Reason enough for us to have our own little Werewolf section.

Benjamin Bardy :

"Les Légendes du Gévaudan" [1958]

Published by the author, Mende, France, 1985 - pp.68

Small book with local legends, which includes an even smaller chapter about the Beast of Gévaudan.

Sabine Baring-Gould [1834-1924] :

"The Book of Werewolves - being an account of a terrible superstition" [1865]

Causeway Books, New York, USA, 1973 - pp.266
ISBN: 0 088356 008 9

A book that brings us much material about werewolves. Although I was surprised to find that no less than three whole chapters are dedicated to Gilles de Retz.

Sieur de Beauvoys de Channincourt :

"Discours de la Lycantropie ou de la Transmutation des Hommes en Loups" [1599]

Jacques Rezé, Paris, France, 1599 - pp.32

Geneviève Carbone :

"La Peur du Loup" [1991]

Gallimard, France, 1991 - pp.176
ISBN: 2 07 053127 9

Part of a series that is widely available and has been translated into various languages, this is a small but interesting book. The brilliant illustrations by themselves are well worth the price.

Abel Chevalley :

"La Bête du Gévaudan" [1936]

Librairie Gallimard, Paris, France, 1970 - pp.182

A book about the mysterious "Beast of Gévaudan".

Basil Copper :

"The Werewolf - in Legend, Fact and Art" [1977]

Robert Hale, London, UK, 1977 - pp.240
ISBN: 0 312 86222 9

What can I say ? I much prefer Bassil Copper's horror fiction.

Adam Douglas :

"The Beast Within - Man, Myths and Werewolves" [1992]

Orion Books Ltd., London, UK, 1993 - pp.294
ISBN: 1 85797 155 8

Robert Eisler [1904-1949] :

"Man into Wolf - An Anthropological Interpretation of Sadism, Masochism and Lycanthropy" [1948]

Ross Erikson Inc., Santa Barabara - California, USA, 1978 - pp.264
ISBN 915520 06 0

Hans Findeisen :

"Das Tier als Gott, Dämon und Ahne - eine Untersuchung über das Erleben des Tieres in der Altmenschheit" [1956]

Kosmos, Stuttgart, Germany, 1956 - pp.80

Wilhelm Hertz :

"Der Werwolf - Beitrag zur Sagengeschichte" [1862]

Verlag A. Kröner, Stuttgart, Germany, 1862 - pp.134

Peter Kremer :

"Wo das Grauen lauert - Blutsauger und kopflose Reiter, Werwölfe und Wiedergänger an Inde, Erft und Rur" [2003]

PeKaDe Verlag, Düren, Germany, 2003 - pp.300
ISBN: 3 929928 01 9

Not quite in the same league as Peter Kremer's "Draculas Vettern" as far as I am concerned. Having said that, I will be more than happy to admit that the book contains loads of interesting and entertaining material and is well worth the price.

Leopold Kretzenbacher :

"Kynokephale Dämonen Südeuropäischer Volksdichtung - Vergleichende Studien zu Mythen, Sagen, Maskenbräuchen um Kynokephaloi, Werwölfe und südslawische Pesoglavei" [1968]

Trofenik, München, Germany, 1968 - pp.148

Fascinating and nicely illustrated book. If you are lucky enough to find a copy of it, make sure that you buy it.

Walter-Jörg Langbein :

"Zombies, Werwölfe und Vampire" [2006]

in: "Kreaturen der Nacht - Die Welt jenseits unserer Sinne" [2006]
Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien, Austria, 2006 - pp.430

Claude Lecouteux :

"Fées, Sorcières et Loups-Garous au Moyen Âge" [1992]

Éditions Imago, Paris, France, 1992 - pp.218
ISBN: 2 902702 70 1

Another brilliant book by one of the world's greatest experts on Medieval Superstition.

Elmar M Lorey :

"Heinrich der Werwolf - eine Geschichte aus der Zeit der Hexenprozesse mit Dokumenten und Analysen" [1998]

Anabas Verlag, Frankfurt, Germany, 1998- pp.352
ISBN: 3 87038 297 X

Excellent book well worthy of your attention. Here is a link to further information: www.elmar-lorey.de

Michel Louis :

"La Bête du Gévaudan" [1992]

Librairie Perrin, Paris, France, 1992 - pp.336
ISBN: 2 262 00970 8

An excellent study about the mysterious "Beast of Gévaudan" by the director of the Zoo of Amneville.

Gaël Milin :

"Les Chiens de Dieu - La Représentation du Loup-Garou en Occident (XIe-XIXe siècles) [1993]

Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France, 1993 - pp.202
ISBN: 2 901 737 12 9

This is a brilliant and very informative book which shows us the werewolf superstition from many different angles.

Richard Noll :

"Vampires, Werewolves & Demons - 20th Century Reports in the Psychiatric Literature" [1992]

Bruner/Mazel Publishers, New York, USA, 1992 - pp.244
ISBN: 0 87630 632 6

When I first read this book I was slightly disappointed by the material that had been selected. For I know for a fact that there is more relevant material out there. Having said this, I must admit that Mr. Noll has brought together some very interesting bits and pieces, which are well worthy of your attention.

Jean de Nynauld [1588-16??] :

"De la Lycanthropie, Transformation et Extase des Sorciers" [1615]

Jean Millot, Paris, France, 1615 - pp.110

This is the original edition.

"De la Lycanthropie, Transformation et Extase des Sorciers" [1615]

Éditions Frénésie, Paris, France, 1990 - pp.238
ISBN: 2 906225 22 3

This is a modern reprint of Jean de Nynauld's classic work, with an additional number of critical essays on Lycanthropy and Werewolves.

Elliott O'Donnell :


Wholesale Book Corp., New York, USA, 1972, pp.292

I have seen better books by the famous Ghost Hunter Elliott O'Donnell. Still, it is interesting enough for the likes of me.

Charlotte F. Otten (ed.)

A Lycanthropy Reader - Werewolves in Western Culture" [1986]

Syracuse University Press, Syracuse - New York, USA, 1986 - pp.338
ISBN: 0 8156 2384 4

A Lycanthropy reader - and that's exactly what it is. The editor has brought together a wealth of fascinating essays and other relevant material about Werewolves, ranging from medical and historical cases to philosophy and theology, to legend and myth. It's a great book.

F. Claude Prieur :

"Dialogue de la Lycanthropie ou Transformation d'Hommes en Loups, vulgairement dits Loups-garous, & si telle se peut faire" [1596]

Jehan Maes & Philippe Zangre, Leuven, Belgium, 1596 - pp.72

Harry A. Senn :

"Were-Wolf and Vampire in Romania" [1982]

Columbia University Press, New York, USA, 1982 - pp.148
ISBN: 0 914710 93 1

Interesting but rather expensive little book with - I admit - hard to find material on the subject.

Montague Summers [1880-1948] :

"The Werewolf" [1933]

University Books, New York, USA, 1966 - pp.308

After the publication of his two volumes on Vampires, the eccentric scholar Summers decided to complete his trilogy by adding a simular study on Werewolves.

Roland Villeneuve :

"Loups-Garous et Vampires" [1960]

Editions J'ai Lu, Paris, France, 1970 - pp.188

"Loups-Garous et Vampires" [1991]

Pierre Bordas & Fils, 1991 - pp.342
ISBN: 2 86311 211 2

I must admit that I have seen better books from this author. And - let's be fair - much worse books from other authors. If you want to get yourself a copy, then go for the new one which has some very nice illustrations.

Renzo Vitallini  (pseud. of Miguel Giménez Saurina) :

"Brujas, Hombres-Lobo y Vampiros" [1982]

Grupo Editorial GRM, Barcelona, Spain, 2002 - pp.158
ISBN: 84 96020 1903

Klaus Völker (ed.) :

"Von Werwölfen und anderen Tiermenschen - Dichtungen und Dokumente" [1968]

Carl Hanser Verlag, München, Germany, 1972 - pp.454
ISBN: 3 446 11627 3

Although a large part of the book is filled with fiction, there are a lot of good things to be found in there. The section titled "Dokumente" contains much valuable material.

Ian Woodward [b.1941] :

"The Werewolf Delusion" [1979]

Paddington Press Ltd, New York & London, 1979 - pp.256
ISBN: 0 7092 0873

Good overview of the world of the werewolf with a large number of very nice illustrations.

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