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Russia (2)

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The Source:

H. P. Blavatsky :
"Isis Unveiled" [1877]
Theosophical Society, New York, 1877

The Case:

The governor of a Russian province was a "malicious, tyrannical, cruel and jealous" man. He married a young girl, much against her will, and treated her like dirt. When he became ill and felt that his end was getting near, he made his poor wife swear never to marry again, threatening to return from the grave if she did not obey his orders. The old tyrant died and was buried on the other side of the river. The young widow soon found a new admirer and was going to get engaged to him. On the night of that occasion screams were heard from the widow's bedroom. The servants found that she had been beaten black and blue. Blood was coming from her punctured neck. She claimed that her dead husband had returned form the grave and beaten her up. Soldiers were put to guard the bridge, but every night a black coach rushed by before they could stop it. And every night the poor woman was beaten half to death. The Governor wanted to put an end to it and put 50 Cossack soldiers on the bridge, together with a priest holding a crucifix. The spectral coach was stopped, inside they saw was the dead man. The coach drove on despite the soldiers. The Archbishop decided that the grave had to be opened and an oaken stake was driven through the vampire's heart. The Archbishop conducted the Rite of Exorcism and the dead man was never seen again.

The Date:

At the beginning of the present Century. I.e. shortly after 1800 or so.

The Place:

Apart from the first characters of the district "Tch..." no location is offered.

Personal Comments:

Blavatsky ends her tale with the observation: "How far the facts of this case may have been exaggerated by tradition, we cannot say. But we had it years ago from an eye-witness; and at present day there are families in Russia whose elder members will recall the dreadful tale."

Exaggerations... funny she should think so. A spectral carriage, a punctured neck, fifty Cossacks indeed ! It sounds like a nice piece of fantasy. Please don't ask me to accept it as facts.

Possible Follow-Up:

The least you can do is read the complete story. It should not be hard to find a copy of "Isis Unveiled". Despite all the fantastic embellishments it is not completely unthinkable that some of the tale may be based on things that really have happened.

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