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Hungary (2)

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The Source:

Albert Hellwig :
"Verbrechen und Aberglaube"
Verlag Teubner, Leipzig, 1908

The Case:

"Ein anderer Fall wurde im Jahre 1897 aus einem rumänischen Dorfe Südungarns berichtet, wo ein gewisser Nikola Gersin seine Frau zu Tode quälte. Schreckliche Gewissensbisse peinigten ihn; nachts glaubte er sich vom Geiste seiner Frau verfolgt und gewürgt. Da dang er drei rumänische Bauern um Geld und Branntwein, sie sollten das Grab seiner Frau öffnen, ein Stück ihres Gewandes verbrennen und den Leichnam zerstückeln. So geschah es auch."

Another case was reported in 1897 from a Romanian village in the South of Hungary, where a certain Nikola Gersin had made the life of his wife so miserable that she died. His conscience hurt terribly, and at night he thought the ghost of his wife came to haunt and strangle him. So he promised three farmers money and brandy if they would open the grave of his wife to burn a piece of her clothes and cut up the body. And that is what happened.

The Date:

We can't complain for we have been given the year of 1897.

The Place:

Here we have less luck, as we have only been told that it took place in a Romanian village in the South of Hungary. This may well mean that we will have to move this case to Romania if we find further information.

Personal Comments:

On the other hand, we have been given the name of the farmer: Nikola Gersin.

Possible Follow-Up:

Of course you should dig up and read Albert Hellwig's interesting book, that has further cases to offer. These days rare books are rather easy to find so it should not be too hard.

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