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The Source:

N. Kershaw:
"Stories and Ballads of the Far Past"
Cambridge University Press, 1921

A. G. Hooper:
"Hromundar saga Gripssonar and the Griplur"
Leeds Studies in English, 3(1934)

The Case:

Let us give you the most relevant bits:

A King called Olaf, who reigned over Gordum in Denmark sails to the Hebrides together with his merry band of warriors. When they are helping themselves to the cattle of a farmer called Mani, this man suggests that instead of stealing a poorman's cattle, there would be more glory if they did something really brave, like breaking into a barrow and stealing the treasures of whoever was inside. The King agrees and Mani directs them to the barrow of Thrain. Following his directions they sail 6 days South to Valland. There they find the barrow of Thrain, a dead berserker who had conquered Valland and been King for a while.

They dig their way into the barrow where the undead Thrain is waiting for them, seated on a throne. Nobody dares to go inside except Hromund. He steals a sword and starts insulting Thrain. The two start wrestling. Thrain turns himself into a stinking troll and claws through Hromund's flesh. Hromund trips Thrain and after a discussion he cuts off Thrain's head.

The Date:

As to the date, our 1921 version of the Saga is based upon a manuscript dating back to the 17th Century. However, there appears to be a discussion among scholars that the Saga may be based on the "Griplur"or "Hromundarrimur" of which the oldest fragment dates back to around 1500. Others feel that the "Griplur" may be based on an older version of the Saga. So let's play it safe and list this case as "before 1700.

The Place:

We are told that the King and his men sail to the Hebrides, where the farmer Mani sends them on to the barrow of Thrain in Valland. They are told to sail South for 6 days. Now Valland happens to be the old Norse name for Gaul or Gallia. Which would put the location somewhere on the French Westcoast. Possibly in Brittany or Normandy. So by lack of further information I have listed this case under France.

Possible Follow-Up:

Get as many versions of this Saga as you can find. Find and study old maps about the Saga. Check when and how long there was a Kingdom called Gallia. And see if you can find any King from Gallia with a name resembling Thrain.

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