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Abbazia (2)

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The Sources:

v.P. :
"Zur Vampyr-Sage"
in: "Zeitschrift für österreichische Volkskunde" vol.I, 1895

The Case:

"Einige Wochen nach der ersten That wurde auf dem Friedhofe nachts ein Grab geöffnet, der Todte aus dem Sarge gerissen, an ein mite Steinen beschwertes Brett gebunden und ins Meer versenkt, denn auch diesen bezeichnete der Volksglaube als 'Vampyr'."

which translates into :

"A couple of weeks after the first case, a grave was opened in the cemetery, the dead person was pulled from the coffin, tied to a piece of wood that had been weighted with stones, and then sank into the sea. For this one too, by popular belief, was considered to be a vampire."

The Date:

The date is "a few weeks later than the previous case". So once again I will list it as "around 1885", which should be close enough for most of our purposes.

The Place:

Abbazia, as we have seen, is the Italian name for the Croatian town of Opatija, which is situated in Istria, West of Rijeka.

Possible Follow-Up:

So far I have only found this mention of the case in the "Zeitschrift für österreichische Volkskunde". Let's see if we can discover further information elsewhere...

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